Saturday, January 22, 2011


#6 Use ‘em or Lose ‘em – Do You Know the Value of Your Volunteers?

Please do ‘just one thing’ for me!

Have you ever said that?  I’m sure! But have you ever asked a volunteer to do just one job for your organization?

When I first heard this concept I thought what a great idea – if I were approached and asked to do one task, it would be SO easy!

Keep in mind that this is for people who are so involved in their lives they don’t think they can add one more thing!

Be careful of what you ask – certainly not to chair your annual fundraising event. Remember: match the volunteer to the task!

If they are born salespeople, they wouldn’t mind making cold calls to ask for ____________ (fill in the blank). If they are artistic, they could ‘decorate’ for your next event. If they are organized, they could create a system for an event to make it run more smoothly.

You get the idea – Try it, they’ll love it!

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