Tuesday, January 11, 2011


Use ‘em or Lose ‘em –
Do You Know the Value of Your Volunteers?

Job Descriptions are a pain!

When I worked in my ‘corporate’ life job descriptions were VERY important. Annual reviews were based on them, salary increases were calculated according to them and those dreaded 5-year plans had to include all the parts and pieces of that description.

BUT I also knew what I was ‘supposed to do’ at any given time.

Your volunteers need this type of guidance. In nonprofits lines are very blurry because of lack of time, too much to do, deadlines and, sadly, not enough people to do the tasks, making it hard to get the job done.

SO when your volunteers know what the responsibilities are, it’s much easier for them to grab a friend and ask them to do ‘just one thing’ to help them out.

Try it – involve your current volunteers in preparing a job description. It will elevate them (being involved in something ‘different’); it could increase your volunteer base when they think of the best person for that job and in the end it will make the job much easier.

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