Powerful Image Events

Each seminar is lead by a health or style expert, holistic health councilor, health
professionals or trainers.


SLAM GLAM, STYLE SEMINAR (an evening with the pros)
As seen on ABC TV.  “You never get a second chance to make a first impression.” Participants get a chance to play with makeup, get educated with great tips, and are treated with hand massages to relieve stress. All ages are welcome because it doesn’t matter if you work in an office or are a stay at home mom, you have control over what you present to the public!  So that you can keep your SLAM GLAMING self long after the seminar, Motives Makeup, as seen in Haute Living Magazine, Elle.com, Rachel Ray, NY times and many more fashion forward publications will be available for purchase.  High quality at a very affordable price. Professionals and stay-at-home-moms can benefit from this essential class.  It is so important to always look put-together, no matter what you are doing!

A great combo for those salons or spas that reside near a restaurant.   Working cooperatively with another business like this to get five-dollar martinis, reduced price h’ordeuvres and a makeover from your salon or a five minute massage from your spa can work wonders for not only your customers’ ‘spirits’ but also the business for both you and your neighbor shop. Coupons and perks can be offered from the restaurant or your shop to keep them coming back long after the event.

If you take the term, “Inner Beauty” seriously, this is the seminar for you.  Featured in Healthier You magazine, the latest research shows that liquid, Isotonix® dietary supplements are the most successful health supplements you can take. This means that the body has less work to do to in obtaining maximum absorption. In this seminar you will get to try healthy “cocktails” in martini glasses, get massaged and hear about the many ways that you can improve your knowledge of the real concept of beauty.  Featuring AWAKATINIS that taste just like Cosmos, but are guaranteed not to leave a hangover!

A fun way to look at a serious problem.  Focuses on natural products that support normal sexual arousal, intensity and sexual climax. No matter your age, you deserve to treat yourself well in this important area of your life.  Come for laughs and important info as well.

PROM NIGHT PARTY PROSLet our professional hair and makeup stylists get you ready for that exciting night.  Isn’t it more fun to make a party out of your pre-prom preparations?  Invite your closest girlfriends to a fun event that will not only get you looking seriously glamorous, but also put you in the partying frame of mind!  Then go ‘knock them out’ at your prom with your professionally styled look!

ARE YOUR FAT PANTS TOO TIGHT? Weight Management Seminar 
“This is NOT a DIET” will be a repeated theme in this energetic presentation.  In this upbeat seminar, you are educated by certified lifestyle coaches in the low glycemic, Transitions Lifestyle System. Complete with yummy shakes to try and tips to learn, this event educates those interested in finally learning how to manage their health and weight for a lifetime.  Based on scientific and clinically published studies, so many can personally attest to the success of this program.

This unique party utilizes the skills of our educational massage therapists and the Fabulosity spa line, by Kimmora Lee Simmons.  Learn how to massage your partner with fun tips and demos that will Delight Everyone.  Feel better and look better when you leave this progressive approach to health.

All the cool kids are working a ‘green’ lifestyle into their lives, but do you really know what that means? Our environmental experts advise you on the many ways you can save money, while saving the environment.  Snap, the enzyme based, environmentally friendly cleaning products are used and money saving ideas abound.   Some of the proceeds from this party can be donated to Save the Sound, The Seirra Club, or many other environmentally minded charities.  How stunning does that make your shop look to the community?

Looking for that perfect thing to do together that can also be an education in healthier approaches to body image and a better mental approach to those preteen and teen years?  Join us for a fun Mom and daughter night that includes tips on skin care, clothing styles, better eating habits and positive mental attitudes.  There’s a lot of pressure out there for daughters and moms.  Team up with Kristin Huffman and her pros to subtly get your questions answered.  It’s easier to have someone else give them advice. J Advice served with healthy finger foods and fizzy drinks as well as massage and skin care demos.

Every detail is just right after months of planning. But can you be sure your bridesmaids are taking the time to think about their look?  Let Kristin Huffman, (Miss Ohio/runner up Miss America, Broadway performer) and her team of pros craft a fun and informative party for your bridal party that includes one-on-one design demos, color consultations, massage (for the stress!)  as well as posture and poise tips.

Another great way to get your neighbor shops in synergy with yours. This is a great seminar or detox for those stressed out, after work, folks who just want to relax and feel better after a long day. We can host this at your shop or a nearby yoga spot, cappuccino place or just be creative.  This seminar uses the wonderful skin care line (masques, lotions, etc) as well as the detoxifying Isotonix supplement line. 


Doggie Diva Slam Glam.
It’s time to spend some relaxing quality time with your very special pooch. Join us for a tail waggin’, uniquely, fun time of make-up, hairstyles, and massage for both of you! At Doggie Diva Slam Glam you receive one-on-one time with the professional groomer for your pup and the professional style consultants for you.  With the helpful advice, demos, exclusive products and tips learned at our party you can continue pampering yourself and your pooch at home.

Doggie Diva Healthy Cocktail.
I know what you are thinking... Cocktails for dogs? Pet Health products are a billion dollar industry because we often take better care of our ‘best friends’ than we do ourselves!  Our top of the line pet supplements leave your dogs licking their chops and feeling healthy to boot.  You will also get to try healthy “cocktails” for humans (featured in Healthier You and Haute Living Magazines) and hear about the many ways you can improve your own health and beauty from the inside out.