Thursday, March 10, 2011



If you are treating your website like an online brochure you are missing the point.

I know you want people to learn about your NPO and it’s events and mission.  But people donate to causes because they feel connected in a very personal way.  If you are treating them all the same when they land on your page, you are missing the opportunity to connect them to your mission. 

Do you have donor profiles for each of the various types of donors you have or are you sending them all the same form letters? Each type of donor relates to different forms of media ie video, text, webinars.

What if you had a webinar series led by a group of your best recipients who wanted to talk about what a difference your NPO made in their lives? Or your best donors? Two minute blurbs that reached out the minute someone landed on your page.  

Get out the flipcam and go to work! Tell the story to each different type of donor, volunteer or staff member.  Treat them differently and personally and they will become your best advertisement, volunteers and donors. 

Please read The New Rules Of Marketing and PR by David Meerman Scott

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